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Cock massage 1 & 2.

Candy and I are up at Vermont at our show. We’re staying at a ski resort, and there’s snow everywhere, and it’s very beautiful. It took forever to get up here though. We came with Cassie and our friend Maddie. I had two shows; a girl/girl lesbian thing with a hot, older woman, like an older woman/babysitter fuck; and a boy/girl cock massage with this very pretty, light skinned black guy from Puerto Rico. I did the girl/girl show early on, and just finished the cock massage, which went incredibly well. Candy only had one tonight, a boy/girl blowjob with this guy from Boston, whom I’ve worked with before. He’s a tall biker boy with lots of tattoos and a shaved head, and a very pretty cock. She sucked the life out of him and he had a really nice, messy pop. She had a second show scheduled, but she’s still having her period and she didn’t feel well, so she dropped one. I hate it when she doesn’t feel well. My motherly instincts kick in and I just want to take care of her. Maddie was in the last show of the night, a boy/boy/girl threesome that was really hot. That’s Maddie’s specialty. She got drenched in cum and right now she’s in the shower cleaning up. We’re waiting for her to finish so that we can head back to the condo we’re staying in. We’re all really tired. I’ll write more from there later. xx

All pictures stolen here

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